Ultra Short-Throw Projection

Ultra Short-Throw Projectionphoto credit:vr-zone.com

Short throw projection has gained popularity since breaking into the market in the early 20th Century. It started off with odd-looking lenses seemingly attached onto a standard projector, not to mention the exorbitant price tag, to what we have seen as state-of-the art design and functionality projectors developed by almost all major projector manufacturers now.

With the advantages of short throw projection, many users are beginning to make the switch, especially with the launch of more Short-Throw Projectors models from more and more manufacturers, the price of Short-Throw projectors have became very competitive.

Advantages of Short Throw Projection includes:

–       Large image with short throw distance (Ideal for small room)

–       Minimal shadow interference since movement at the front of the projector is minimized when projected near to the screen (away from the audience)

–       Presenter need not be staring at the light beam from standard throw projector

–       Minimal light loss from short throw projectors means having a lower lumens projectors which translates to energy saving as compared to a high lumens projector installed from afar

With the advances and popularity of Short Throw Projectors, we are now seeing a new breed of Ultra Short Throw Projectors, giving users larger and yet shorter throw distance flexibility.

The use of “mirror-reflection projection technology” has made the projected image significantly bigger via a ‘curved’ mirror. The specially designed mirror allows the projection to be enlarged within a very short distance, something that normal projection lenses could not achieve.

This new range of Ultra Short Throw projectors have brought new life into the projection industry. New possibilities for interactive white boards, new installation methods, new projection applications, which are not possible, previously are now readily available. Though this technology is not new, but it has been relatively expensive until recently.

With the lowering of price tags, users are more open to try out this range of projectors and finding them more useful and flexible than a conventional projector. We see a huge potential in this range of Ultra Short throw Projectors given the right education and marketing to our technology-hungry users.